Steeltoe is a .NET framework that provides libraries for quickly creating cloud-native microservices.

Need to containerize .NET Framework apps for the cloud? Steeltoe can help reach a few of those 12 factors in a snap. Creating new .NET Core applications? With little effort, Steeltoe will have your app getting the most out of its platform. Steeltoe also provides tools for the cloud-native .NET developer to work locally and on a cloud platform with little change.

Learn more about the tools & components within Steeltoe below, or get started now!

What Steeltoe can do

Cloud Management

Monitor and manage your app while it runs in production with Steeltoe Cloud Management.

App Configuration

Store external config values in Git, the filesystem, or Hashicorp Vault with Spring Cloud Config.

Service Discovery

Steeltoe includes a .NET client to both register and discover microservices in your registry of choice.

Service Connectors

Automatically configure and manage connections to common cloud services like databases, caches, and more.

Cloud Security Providers

Integrate ASP.NET authentication and authorization features in your app, no matter what platform you use.

Circuit Breakers

Implement the Netflix Hystrix, a proven circuit breaker pattern with rich metrics and monitoring features.


An application generator designed to allow developers a quick and simple way to begin building cloud-native .NET projects.

Cloud-Native .NET Tools

Along with the framework, the Steeltoe team has developed tooling to help you code microservices and interact with cloud platforms easier.


february 23 2020
Steeltoe 3.0.0-m1 is available
The first milestone of Steeltoe 3.0 has been reached! With a focus on .NET Core, this new major version will offer message streaming, the Initializr project, tooling for local development, and more.

november 27 2019
Steeltoe 2.4 is available
Steeltoe 2.4 boosts .NET microservices development with a code generator, new getting started guides, and more.

november 1 2019
Steeltoe 2.4 RC1 is available
Featuring support for .NET Core 3.0 as well as closing a few resolved issues.

october 6-7 2019
.NET developer pre-conference training at Spring One Platform
A two-day course that demonstrates how to build cloud-native .NET applications using Steeltoe. Get signed up today!

september 30 2019
Steeltoe 2.3 is available
With new features in logging, cloud management, and cloud connectors as well as quite a few notable issues resolved the 2.3 release is another milestone in Steeltoe's roadmap.
Steeltoe has been downloaded over 8 million times on NuGet!