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Cloud-native .NET microservices

Steeltoe is an open source project that enables .NET developers to implement industry standard best practices when building resilient microservices for the cloud. The Steeltoe client libraries enable .NET Core and .NET Framework apps to easily leverage Netflix Eureka, Hystrix, Spring Cloud Config Server, and Cloud Foundry services.


Service Discovery

How do you keep track of the services you depend on, as they dynamically scale out and in, changing addresses along the way? A service registry is essentially a database of healthy service instances that enables service consumers to locate and load balance requests across services. Steeltoe includes a .NET client for Netflix Eureka so your microservices can register themselves and discover other registered services.

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Config Server

Separating configuration from application code is an important discipline in cloud-native development. Spring Cloud Config Server provides a mechanism to store your application’s configuration externally, and have it injected into your application at runtime. Steeltoe includes a custom .NET Configuration Provider that utilizes Spring Cloud Config Server to pull in config values stored in Git, the filesystem, or Hashicorp Vault.

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Circuit Breaker

What do you do when a service you depend on stops responding? Circuit breakers enable you to bypass a failing service, allowing it time to recover, and preventing your users from seeing nasty error messages. Steeltoe includes a .NET implementation of Netflix Hystrix, a proven circuit breaker implementation with rich metrics and monitoring features.

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Cloud Connectors

One of the many advantages of running applications on the cloud is the easy availability of a variety of backing services. Steeltoe simplifies using those services by automatically configuring and wiring up connections to common Cloud Foundry services like Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL and Postgres.

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Cloud Security Providers

Securing your applications and microservices using the security services provided by cloud platforms can seem like an impossible and complex development effort. Steeltoe reduces that effort by including security providers which enable you to easily integrate ASP.NET Core authentication and authorization features with Cloud Foundry security services.

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