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Service Discovery
A service registry provides a database that applications can use to implement the Service Discovery pattern, one of the key tenets of a microservices-based architecture. Trying to hand-configure each client of a service or adopt some form of access convention can be difficult and prove to be brittle in production. Instead, applications can use a service registry to dynamically discover and call registered services.
What is Service Discovery?
Think of it as a phone book of services. Instead of needing to configure a service's exact URI, your app “asks” the service registry to look up the URI of a named service. The name is what your app remembers, the URI is what's discovered. Your app could also register itself for discovery. Then you could distribute the name used during registration for others to discover.
Why use Service Discovery?
With the ability to discover and register URIs, services within an organization are far less coupled. In turn services are more mobile, can be updated easily, and each can follow different availability patterns.

Duplicated registries in multiple locations, registering URIs to route requests between multiple data centers, and registering different versions of the same service are just a few of the benefits.
Support for Multiple Registries
The Steeltoe discovery client removes any dependencies to a specific registry. With support for Eureka as well as HashiCorp Consul, you have flexibility with little to no code change when choosing the right registry.
Logging & Health Checks Built In
Service registry logs are automatically fed to your app’s logging interface, and health contributors are automatically configured and made available to your application.
Register and Discover Services
With just a few lines of code, your app can use a registry to discover services as well as registering itself for discovery.
Request Load Balancing
When a service as registered multiple instances, configure the client to balance requests across instances. Options for random, round robin, as well as building your own are available in Steeltoe Service Discovery.