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Creating .NET microservices?
Modernizing existing applications?
Moving apps to containers?

Steeltoe makes your life much easier.

Steeltoe has been downloaded over 75 million times on NuGet!


May 27 2022
Steeltoe 3.2.0 is here!
Version 3.2.0 brings support for .NET 6.0 and more!

July 13 2021
Steeltoe 3.1.0 GA is here!
Version 3.1 brings some impressive new features including Steeltoe Stream, Steeltoe Messaging, Steeltoe Bootstrap, and support for Spring Cloud Data Flow.

June 14 2021
Steeltoe 3.1.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available
This is the second and final release candidate for Steeltoe 3.1.0. Take a look and tell us what you think.

May 10 2021
Steeltoe 3.1.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available
Steeltoe 3.1.0 brings the new Steeltoe Stream feature built on our RabbitMQ messaging components to the .NET community. Take a look and give us your thoughts.

january 14 2021
Create .NET Microservice Projects Automatically with Steeltoe Initializr
Get started using Initializr and get to production faster!

november 17 2020
Writing Event Based Microservices using Steeltoe
In this session see how to create message based microservices using Steeltoe.

october 1 2020
Use Kubernetes for Modern .NET Apps with Steeltoe and Tye
Learn about new Kubernetes features included in Steeltoe 3.0 and use Tye to help develop for K8s.

august 24 2020
Steeltoe 3.0 is officially available
Version 3.0 is packed with messaging, kubernetes support, new ways to implement endpoints, and so much more.