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Steeltoe includes a number of optional features you can add to your applications to aid in monitoring and managing it while it runs in production. These features are implemented as a number of management endpoints that you can easily add to your application.
What is Management?
Once your application is in production, management tools become a must. Unlike traditional infrastructure, cloud platforms offer limited access to VMs and disk storage. Management automatically creates secure endpoints exposing critical data about your application.
Why use Management?
The way the endpoints are exposed and used depends on the type of technology you choose in exposing the functionality of the endpoint. Out of the box, Steeltoe provides several easy ways to expose these endpoints over HTTP in .NET applications. Of course, you can build and use whatever you would like to meet your needs.
Management Endpoints
Automatically expose endpoints over HTTP in your ASP.NET application for things like health, info, metrics, refresh, tracing, loggers, and route mappings.
Management Tasks
Run one-time administrative tasks for ASP.NET Core applications, for things like data migrations or custom processes.